Sunday, September 28, 2014


buzzingbeebee This is about a game on Instagram, wherein you have to tell 20 facts about yourself if you have been tagged to a photo of just anyone. In my case, it was my crazy sister who brought me in the loop. So, there I was, thinking about these 20 facts; which surely a lot of people do not care about, but I couldn't get my self into writing and since I was meaning to blog something about coffee so I thought of why not just combining both? And, here's what I thought!

1. I got a boy friend who calls me KAPE (coffee) - Yes. every time we get to see on skype or in fb or in just any portal of communication to just randomly exchange how are you's and how's our day have been; coincidentally, I am always having coffee. Which led to birthing me that name. BUT, never had I gone out coffee with him, yet. 

2. At 7am, it's either am still on bed or sipping my COFFEE while watching the sun's reflection gleaming on a building's facade - There are lots of buildings that can be seen through our room's terrace but there's this particular glass-green building where the sun beams directly on it. I usually watch the sun's reflected light from its top until almost halfway to the bottom then am on to hurriedly prep up for work.
3. 9.30-10am, my COFFEE break - This is when I religiously check and respond to emails and do some (unnecessary) tasks at work. It would be the weirdest thing in the world when I reach for my mug and the black delight is not there.

4. In anticipation for my circadian dip, I drink COFFEE right after lunch - Normally, my circadian rhythm sits in after lunch. So, since caffeine does its  magic on me 30-45 minutes after intake.

5. I got unusual COFFEE craving in between after lunch and 5.30 while in the office - I just want overflowing coffee.

6. I take advantage of the 5-15 minutes drowsing effect of COFFEE when I can't sleep - Yes. You've read it right. According to science, caffeine has a drowsing effect from 5-15 minutes after intake; depending on one's body response to caffeine. But, it normally is. 

7. I got many COFFEE mugs back home - I got lots of mugs and no one could ever use any of them else I would go ballistic, except my MOM ^_^. Nah. I give mugs every Christmas and whenever I feel giving to my siblings so there's no reason for them to use mine (territorial alert). 

8. Red is the color of my two COFFEE mugs (Dubai) - I love black and red. Need I say more?

9. My COFFEE mug gets to sleep with me during weekends - I take pleasure in staying up late reading or just watching anything with overflowing coffee. Then when sleep knocks in, I'd be then too lazy to get off bed and so my mug can just stay with me.

10. Our driver always wants to make me a cup of COFFEE, but i always say NO. - Always, a No.

11. Also when I don't feel like talking, he'd point a COFFEE shop when we get to pass by one. - He sure knows how to get my attention.

12. Got a list of COFFEE shops to go to - Yeah. It's one of my dreams. So, am onto realizing my dream, one step at a time. HAHA

13. Got a friend who has been to many COFFEE shops because of me - To try every coffee shop in town is my dream, right? So, he is or I am tagging -ourselves- along. HAHA

14. Got a friend who had provoked a nervous breakdown and incessant palpitation because of my addiction to COFFEE - One of my former colleagues liked watching me enjoying coffee. Eventually got lots of coffee break together or make coffee for each other. Which, unfortunately caused her palpitating beyond normal and a nervous breakdown. And, gradually she quit coffee. 
15. I miss having a morning COFFEE in a floating cottage with schools of colorful fishes underneath. - One of my best memories ever! Having that morning delight in a floating cottage, watching the sea water shining with the sun's rays and those tiny colorful fishes that swam back and forth boasting their wonders! Best Summer ever! 

16. My COFFEE often gets cold when am burying myself into something - This usually happens when am about to the finale of a book. Or, of incessant chatting. Or, it just wants to get cold? Or, I seriously don't know. ^.^

17. I drink my COFFEE to its very last drop tho it's the coldest coffee there is. - Yep, before the mug goes to the sink or me to somewhere!

18. Got reels of COFFEE blogs - Have written blogs and bookmarked lots of websites that talk coffee.

19. If you get to have a COFFEE with me, that means I like you - I can't have coffee with just anyone. Savoring that hawt delight is but a precious moment, so is whoever I will be with. 

20. That rich aroma of a bitter-sweet black COFFEE #LOVE - TOTALLY.   

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Benefits From Caffeine Intake
I am into coffee. Please don't ask, WHY? The usual number of my coffee intake is around three to five mugs daily. Every day, I prep a mug after shower, sipping the caffeinated delight while preppin' up to work. I don't actually drink to wake the still-sleepy-me up but it is just part of the system already; where you feel incomplete without it, you know that feeling? Then, when I reached office, I again prepare for another mug so I could sip my way to doing the morning routine. The third sipping happens every before or after lunch time, in anticipation for the upcoming circadian dip. The fourth sipping pleasure is made either at around four to five o'clock; that moment when you just want a hot beverage and coffee comes to mind automatically. And, the fifth, sixth or seventh brew lands on my hand depending on the mode of that time being. Like when I feel burying myself into a book, or accompany myself with anime/cartoons or hilarious actors; expect the presence of caffeine as well.

My mom and friends have been telling to cut myself a little from caffeine. And, I did try. A hundred times. And, always; as often as I deprived me; found myself back onto making mugs of bitter-sweet-black delight. What worries them surely is the effect of too much caffeine in me, already. It could be bad, they thought. I did think too, but I just brushed it off my mind. However, as I collect websites that blog about caffeine on coffee, I found positive results in taking pleasure on coffee. Good news, eh! YEY!

So, here are just some of the benefits of drinking coffee!

Coffee is Happiness, it is! Seriously? Yes. Seriously. According to a study, Sweetened Beverages, Coffee and Tea in relation to Depression Among Older US Adults, caffeine intakes lower the risk of suffering from depression.

Yes. Caffeine will give your brain the boost it needs when it is in a calm or sleepy state. Michael Lemonick; a big-coffee drinker from TIME Magazine, said "It allows you to use the brain power you have in a much more efficient and focused way." Read here for more, A Smart Way To Start Your Day.

And, another YES. As to research, coffee drinkers limit their risk to Develop Skin Cancer, reduces the chances to Type 2-Diabetes and prevents your mind from giving in to Alzheimer. Read here for more on, Caffeine on Skin Cancer, Caffeine on Type 2-Diabetes, Caffeine on Alzheimer.

These truly justify the big-coffee-drinker in me! Now, with just these three major benefits, are you not to woo coffee yet?